Video Production

Commercials. Social Media Ads. Marketing videos. Instagram Reels. Instructional videos. Youtube Shorts. Whatever your needs, BLAMM! Media will work with you to create effective motion media messaging. Fun Process. Fun Products.

Still Photography

Product shots. Services-in-Action imagery. Documenting an event. Website and Social Media image gallery content creation. Photographs speak volumes to an audience quickly and efficiently.

Graphic Design

Design and layout for digital or print assets. Establish a new brand or refresh an existing brand. BLAMM! Media can generate designed content for your own in-house use, or for public-facing purposes.

Education & Training

So you'd rather learn how to do the video production and editing on your own? Or you have employees who need to come up to speed quickly with these video-making skill sets? Not. A. Problem. BLAMM! Media offers customized and personalized instruction on video planning, script-preparations, production, editing, exporting, and posting for private or public viewing. We are here to help!

Likes, Camera, Action!

Chiefly for children's birthday parties and family events, BLAMM! Media will work with a small group of family or friends to write, direct, and record a short fiction film. Genre and story of your choosing. You do the acting (and can run camera, too, if you wish). Editing, full post-production, and authoring will take additional time. Most families share the completed video on their Social Media networks.


Some of these things may be on your mind.

Yes. We have a flying camera drone.

At this time, our family lives necessitate a maximum of two-hour driving travel time in each direction. Yes, there is a nominal charge associated with certain distances.

Yes. We offer full video, audio, and motion graphics post-production services on content that “someone else” initiates.

We can do that for you. There is a small media storage fee associated with long-term archiving of client source material.

In a perfect world, we would, but music creation is not one of our services. We can work with rights-free or rights-acquired music that the client provides, or we can source “free-to-use” or “pay-and-play” music options.

Well…    we can certainly have that conversation.